About Us

SENDA was established in 1994 with the specific aim of serving global customers solution in marine area.


Our last move was to the south of Pudong area, a unit of 200,000 square feet increased to 350,000 square

feet as warehouse. Shanghai HQ is situated to the center of Pudong with a sales team over 30 staff backed

 by 200 employees ranging from engineer to tallyman.

Our main scope of business is spare parts supply, recondition and ship repair. Our expertise is in 

analyzing a supply request and offering our customers several options in a solution driven style appropriate

 for our customers' needs, rather than simply supplying a cost.


Using our business relation with our partners, we can assist you to improve technical service to your vessels 

in our region and all around the world.


SENDA is fully accredited with ISO 9001:2008 standard.

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